Roof Protector

Nano Roof Coating for Elastomeric Membrane Roofing

Extend roofing membrane lifespan by 10 to 15 years

Drastically slow down the aging process of your roofing by transforming its membrane with our nanotechnology.

Reduce your maintenance costs with roof rejuvenation

Reinforce the structure of your materials to get more resistant surfaces that require less maintenance. 

Avoid costly contingencies with our roof coating

Avoid infiltration, breakage and costly repairs by making your roof membrane more waterproof.

Sealing Protection for Your Commercial Roofing

Protect your roof: stop worrying about damage from extreme weather.

Strengthens the membrane

Acts on the molecular structure of the membrane to transform and strengthen it.

Ultimate waterproofing

Penetrates deep into the membrane to make it hydrophobic.

Freeze and thaw

Fills microfissures to protect them from freezing and thawing cycles. 

Extreme heat

Reflects UV rays to limit heat absorption and aging.

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Protect your roof from hail, high winds, extreme heat and ice. 


Modify and enchance your membrane to gain an additional 10 to 15 years of lifespan.

GoNano restores the original properties and waterproofing of your membrane.


your membrane

The GoNano treatment creates new chemical bonds in the structure of the membrane to enhance its anti-aging performance.


Slow down the
aging process

GoNano protects and strengthens the molecular structure of the membrane to help it better resist wear and tear and aging. 



GoNano penetrates deep into the membrane to protect its inner cavities from moisture-related degradation.


Millions of nanoparticles. 
A formidable technology.

Our nanotechnology solution is made up of nanoparticles that transform the molecular structure of materials to enhance their properties, double their strength, and extend their lifespan by 10 to 15 years.

Your building is an investment. 
Know how to protect it.

Protect your investment and save money by extending the lifespan of your roof.


Tested across America.
Approved and recommended.

From Key West to Seattle, Fort Worth to Nantucket, our technology has proven its effectiveness on thousands of elastomeric membrane roofs!

Frank Campbell

I have a 12,000 sf roof that is constantly tested by all the **** we get here. I had no particular expectations, I thought if Gonano gives my roof another 2-3 years it will have paid off. Now I think my roof will last at least another 10 years!

Walt N.

I was going about redoing the roof on my warehouse as the membrane was really damaged by the sun. The sun is our worst enemy here. lol! Gonano seems to have given my roof a good face lift. I can't wait to see the result in 5 or 10 years, so far so good!

New Mexico
Mark Brown

The 15-year-old membrane on our workshop was beginning to lose its granules and crack. So we thought we didn't have much to lose by trying Gonano. The result is incredible. It is as if it had turned new again!

Elastomeric membranes and other commercial roofs can be sealed by GoNano products, extending their lifespan and durability.
Before and after

Instant results,
permanent protection.

Make your roof look like new in just one day, get full protection for the next 10 to 15 years.

10 to 15 years. 

Our promise: GoNano technology will extend the lifespan of your roof so you won’t have to replace it for the next 10 to 15 years.
*certain conditions apply

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Is your roof still in
good shape? 
Now’s the time to act.

The earlier you apply our technology to your roofing membrane, the longer the lifespan of your roof will be.

By the time your roof is too old, in poor condition or suffering from serious problems, it will be too late to act.

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