Technology for concrete

Say goodbye to concrete cracks


Penetrates concrete to protect it from the inside

Just one

Clean application in one day.

Completely waterproof

Prevents water from seeping into concrete.

Bring it on.

Never again worry about your concrete wearing away because of weather and contaminants.


Protects against water and moisture intrusion that damages concrete because of the freezing process.


Prevents salt and chlorine from penetrating and weakening concrete.

UV radiation

Reflects UV rays to limit heat absorption and aging.


Prevents the growth and proliferation of plants on concrete surfaces. 

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Protect your concrete, say goodbye to cracks. 


Millions of nanoparticles. 
A formidable technology.

Our nanotechnology solution is made up of nanoparticles that transform the molecular structure of materials to enhance their properties, double their strength and extend their lifespan by 10 years.

Your home is an investment.
Protect it. 

Protect your most valuable asset and save money by extending the life of your concrete surfaces.


Tested across America.
Approved and recommended.

From Key West to Seattle, Fort Worth to Nantucket, our protector has proven its effectiveness on thousands of homes just like yours.

Rob Cooper

The Gonano treatment seems to be doing its job on our concrete driveway. Every year we have to do small crack repairs. Last spring, the concrete was much less stained with salt and there were no new cracks! Impressive!

Ed Morgan

I had Gonano applied to the foundation in my house to protect it from water and freeze cycles. I like the idea of protecting the concrete from the inside rather than covering it with a coating. I haven't been able to see any long term results yet but the application was quick and the team was personable!

New York
R. Manning

I live in the rust belt and it lives up to its name: here everything rusts, cracks and breaks. I had the treatment applied to my concrete steps and the concrete slab at the back of my townhouse. I hope it will protect them from the salt and make them last longer. So far, no cracks. It really seems to repel water, which is a good thing!

Before and after

Instant results,
permanent protection.

Have GoNano applied on concrete in just one day, benefit from full protection for the next 10 years. 

10 years.

Our promise: GoNano technology will protect your concrete surfaces for 10 years.

GoNano products are designed to last, and they’ll keep working incredibly well for years and years. With a warranty that covers all of the most common causes of wear-and-tear – from peeling to high UV exposure – you can rest assured that your concrete is protected with the best technology.
*certain conditions apply

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Is your concrete still in good condition? 
Now’s the time to act.

The earlier the technology is applied in the lifespan of your concrete, the longer it will last.

By the time your concrete is too old, in poor condition, or showing cracks, it will be too late.

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