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Protect your home from extreme weather

A fraction of the cost of replacement

Efficiency guarantee or your money back

Our products

GoNano technology roof application by an experienced technician
Asphalt shingles

Give your shingles 10 to 15 more years of life

GoNano for shingles
Elastomeric membranes and other commercial roofs can be sealed by GoNano products, extending their lifespan and durability.
Elastomeric membrane

Transform your roof membrane

GoNano for membranes
Concrete surfaces can be sealed by GoNano cement saver
Concrete surfaces

Extend the lifespan of your concrete

GoNano for concrete surfaces
Wood surfaces can be sealed by GoNano wood saver
Wood surfaces

Extend the lifespan of your wood surfaces

GoNano for wood surfaces

Tested across America.
Approved and recommended.

From Key West to Seattle, Fort Worth to Nantucket, our technology has proven its effectiveness on thousands of elastomeric membrane roofs.

Rob Cooper

The Gonano treatment seems to be doing its job on our concrete driveway. Every year we have to do small crack repairs. Last spring, the concrete was much less stained with salt and there were no new cracks! Impressive!

Ed Morgan

I had Gonano applied to the foundation in my house to protect it from water and freeze cycles. I like the idea of protecting the concrete from the inside rather than covering it with a coating. I haven't been able to see any long term results yet but the application was quick and the team was personable!

New York
R. Manning

I live in the rust belt and it lives up to its name: here everything rusts, cracks and breaks. I had the treatment applied to my concrete steps and the concrete slab at the back of my townhouse. I hope it will protect them from the salt and make them last longer. So far, no cracks. It really seems to repel water, which is a good thing!

Brian R.

I had the treatment applied to the decorative wooden elements on my house. The goal was to protect them from the sun but I wanted to keep the natural look of the wood. I also liked the fact that it is eco-friendly. 2 years later, my wood hasn't moved, it still looks like new!

Helen Myers

We had the Gonano treatment applied on the patio of our café to help it resist mold. It seems to work really well! The wood has not deteriorated except normal wear and tear from traffic. Such a good investment!

Laura Gutierrez

I have a 300 foot wooden fence around my back yard which is constantly attacked by the sun's rays. I have to replace a few boards every year because they dry out and twist. No wood stain lasts more than 3 years. I had Gonano applied, telling myself that it couldn't hurt. I am surprised! I had a lot fewer boards to change this year and the wood stayed darker, it still looked like new!

Frank Campbell

I have a 12,000 sf roof that is constantly tested by all the **** we get here. I had no particular expectations, I thought if Gonano gives my roof another 2-3 years it will have paid off. Now I think my roof will last at least another 10 years!

Walt N.

I was going about redoing the roof on my warehouse as the membrane was really damaged by the sun. The sun is our worst enemy here. lol! Gonano seems to have given my roof a good face lift. I can't wait to see the result in 5 or 10 years, so far so good!

New Mexico
Mark Brown

The 15-year-old membrane on our workshop was beginning to lose its granules and crack. So we thought we didn't have much to lose by trying Gonano. The result is incredible. It is as if it had turned new again!

Mandy Ward

I was hesitant to pay for Gonano because it was new and I couldn't believe it worked so well. Well, it’s been two years and I can say it exceeds my expectations! I find a lot less granules in my gutters and my shingles seem to have stopped aging! Can’t wait to see a Gonano treatment for siding!

Andrew Walker

My roof was 12 years old and starting to show signs of wear. I didn't want to pay 9k+ to replace it so I decided to try Gonano. Wow! Now I see water beading on my roof, like when it was new!

New Jersey
Tony Moore

Really surprised by the effectiveness of this treatment! The application was very quick and my roof almost immediately looked like new again. Thanks to the Gonano team!